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Sam's Chowder House - Stan Erhart Band

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Sam's Chowder House

4210 North Cabrillo Highway
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
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Stan Erhart Band 


Stan's roots go back to the family farm in Kansas; where hard work and play were accompanied by John Deere tractors, V-8 cars, & country guitars. His brother's baritone horn was the first instrument, followed by guitar, vocals, sax, flute, and an interest in keyboards. He spent his college years playing in bands in Michigan, later moving to Chicago to play the clubs, and finally to San Francisco to form one of the busiest bands in the Bay Area. They have a grand ole time dishin' up... A great big plate of roots rockin' blues With a little of everything on the side!

"San Francisco singer/songwriter Stan Erhart exists in that blues-rock space occupied by John Hiatt, Warren Zevon, and Dave Alvin. With his weary, gravelly voice, Erhart exists well outside of the pop mainstream, but should find fans among those who seek a rootsy, American style..."

Doug Cornell, HitSession