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Sams Chowder House - Stevan Pasero, Flamenco Guitar

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Sams Chowder House

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Stevan Pasero, Flamenco Guitar 


STEVAN PASERO is recognized worldwide as one of the most influential and versatile guitarists of the past three decades. He is a prolific composer, performer, recording artist and studio producer and is one of a few guitarists to record in several music idioms successfully - bridging classical, jazz, flamenco and world music markets. His music is found in 70 countries worldwide and he is featured on over 300 CDs. Fans and critics agree that Stevan Pasero is one of the music worlds best kept secrets, even though his CDs have sold over 15 million copies around the globe. He is the founder of several music and publishing companies and was the Executive Producer for National Geographics Destination Music Series which features over 20 CDs.

"One of the greatest guitarists of all time!" - KKHI/San Francisco

"Five Stars!" - Michael Erlewine, All Music Guide

"Guitar virtuoso, Stevan Pasero releases another outstanding album here in 2011, overflowing with brilliant compositions, intense precision; a spectacular collection of instrumental guitar music"! - RadioIndy

"Unprecedented, revolutionary!" - Billboard Magazine

"With classical guitar, the standard is generally Segovia and perhaps John Williams, but Pasero can keep up with the greats!" - Adam Greenberg, All Music Guide

"Tastefully done, stylishly played; there are so many complimentary things to say!" - San Francisco Examiner, R. Pontzious

"A very talented guitarist!" - Mix Magazine

"Amazing forte. Having finally seen Pasero onstage, I can testify that he is one excellent musician!" - The Gavin Report, K. Zimmerman

"Dazzling arrangements of Latin works!" - The Herald-Argus, Robert Dure

Stevan Pasero has recorded over 30 albums ranging from classical transcriptions, jazz, flamenco, Latin and original works. In bending the classical form, he created a burgeoning cult following in the 90's with such albums as Guitar Heartsongs and Guitar Masterpieces, both of which were cited by the National Association of Record Distributors as one of Best U.S. classical releases. His groundbreaking transcription of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite was the first time such a feat had ever been documented. In fact, over a nine year stretch, Stevan transcribed approximately 40 major symphonic works for the guitar - a prolific number considering that for centuries, this category of orchestral masterworks was not even considered a possibility for the classical guitar repertoire. Jambossa (2009) highlighted a fusion of jazz, bossa nova, rhumba, flamenco, tango and classical styles featuring Stevan's acclaimed, adroit finger style technique. On his newest release, Twelve Shades of Night, guitarist Stevan Pasero has concocted a delectable musical recipe that infuses Brazilian, Jazz, Flamenco, Tango & Classical styles. Mr. Pasero's popularity stems from his engaging, affective renditions of timeless classics as well as his passionate and fiery original works.